Become Part of The Production

CHT is a home away from home for many of our community members.  Why not make it your home as well?  In the top box on the right, there are several choices you can make that will give you more information about supporting us. And because we are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, much of your support is tax deductable!

Click the Donating Funds link to find out how your monetary support gives life to our mission of developing the cultural and educational identity of our community. Click the Donating Items link to find out how you can turn some of your home items into useful and valuable CHT costume, prop, or office items. Click the Donating Time link and you will learn the various ways you may volunteer your time to help us build to higher successes in our mission and production capabilities. Click the Showbill Advertising link to find out how you can support us by advertising your organization or business in our Showbill publication. Click the Become A Member link to find out about membership and its advantages.

We are your community theatre not just because we perform our wonderful productions for you, but because we cannot do it without your participation.  There are many diverse and helpful ways of supporting us and we look forward to seeing you here at your community theatre!