Operating a community theatre incurs many various costs.  Most community theatres only generate enough income from ticket sales to cover the costs of the production itself.  General operating expenses such as utility costs, administrative and office expenses, building and grounds expenses, and others must be supported through other income sources.  Arts organizations also must contend with each other for limited governmental or foundation grant support opportunities, and few of those allow for general operating support funding.

CHT, and other organizations like it, exist through the above limited revenue opportunities and through the kindness of its patrons and supporters.  Without public support, we cannot be the center for culture, youth and adult education and community entertainment that we are.  Even small donations add up toward the necessary funding CHT must have to continue its goals and community work.

As a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, donating to us is tax deductable.  For your donation, you will receive from us a "thank you" note and acknowledgement containing the necessary recognition verbage for your tax deduction.  Your name will also appear under the proper donation level category in the next season's Showbill publication, which is put into the hands of patrons for all performances throughout the year.

There are many ways you can arrange to donate funds.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list for our Annual Giving appeal letter, which is sent out in the late fall of each year, or you would like to donate now or at any other time. click here.  You may also call the office at 410-556-6003  Your support will go a long way in assisting us to build our community through the arts!