Auditions: December 6,8,& 10,2016
16 men and women
Production Dates: March 24 to April 9,2017
Auditions for Agatha Christie's courtroom thriller,  Witness for the Prosecution , will be held at Church Hill Theatre on Tuesday and Thursday,  December 6 & 8  at 6 pm and on Saturday, December 10  at 11 am. Christopher Wallace will direct the production and performances are scheduled for weekends, March 24 to April 9, 2017.
This classic mystery is a suspenseful thriller, which revolves around the murder of an elderly rich woman, a naïve young man who is the major suspect and the testimony of his shrewish wife.

Director Wallace is seeking a cast of 16 men and women, some who will play double roles, for the following characters:
Sir Wilfred Robarts:
(middle aged/elderly) Queens Counsel. Accomplished, gracious and stately;
Leonard Vole:
(young) friendly, simple, cheery;
(mid-30s) Leonard's "wife." Foreign, cool, daunting, brazen, must be good with accents;
Mr. Myers:
(middle aged/elderly) Q.C. Lawyer for the
in Leonard's trial;
Mr. Carter/Justice Wainwright:
(middle aged/elderly) Carter is Sir Wilfred's chief clerk: persnickety. The Judge is dignified, lawful, stoic, and precise;
Mr. Mayhew/Mr. Clegg:
Mayhew is the solicitor Leonard consults. He assists Sir Wilfred in pre-trial questioning. Nice man, shrewd, dry, precise, good knowledge of the law. Mr. Clegg is an assistant in the forensics lab he is unsure and full of himself;
Janet Mckenzie:
(50s) A domineering dour Scotswoman, the murdered woman's housekeeper, loathes Leonard, Scottish accent;
Inspector Hearne/Policeman:
(30s/40s) Tall, good looking.  Policeman,  same with change of accent. Could be female;
(young) Sir Wilfred's secretary: fresh, blonde, pixilated;
Dr. Wyatt:
(middle aged) gives testimony in court. Male or female;
The Other Woman:
(young) Strawberry blonde. A small role but essential to the story line;  
Plain clothes detective/Warden:
(any age) Male or female;
Clerk of the Court/Usher:
(any age) male or female;
Foreman of the Jury:
(any age) Male
Juror 2:
(any age) Female; and
Juror 3:
(any age) Male.
Please come prepared to do readings from the script.
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