The term "community theatre" refers to the fact that it is not just FOR the community but it is also BY the community.  While we perform for local audiences at our wonderful theatre, we are also made up of a vital combination of community members in all aspects of the organization. These volunteers ensure our health, future and artistic abilities. We cannot do what we do without the lifeblood of our organization: the volunteers!

Here in the GET INVOLVED section of our website, we would like to provide you with information and the means by which you may choose to spend your time with us learning new skills, participating in artistic endeavors and supporting the vital mission and goals of our organization.

To take a look at the Committee Structure and descriptions, click the COMMITTEES link in the upper right box.  Here you will learn all about the organization itself and the many ways you can get involved in higher level, long-term planning and involvement.  The next link, FRONT OF HOUSE SIGNUP is the means by which our registered, trained Front of House volunteers may choose their preferred date and volunteer slot for each production. You must be a trained volunteer with an existing volunteer signin account to use this portion of the site.  If you are not, look to the IN THE NEWS section on the Main Page (click SHOWS at the top) for announcements about future training dates so that we can get you registered!

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for us and we look forward to seeing you at CHT!