From time to time, CHT offers adults the opportunity to ease into the fun, inspiring and inventive world of onstage performance through Adult Education workshops. Past workshops have included classes on acting, improvisation and other performance skills.  Future workshops may continue these skills to higher levels while also continuing to introduce acting, auditioning and other performance skills to new students.

Classes provide adults new to acting a safe and casual introductory environment that eliminates the nerves and stress of auditioning as a first attempt to try performing onstage.  Many people come to onstage performance later in life, but many more would enjoy the opportunity if it did not mean starting off on a stage in front of lots of people auditioning for their first show.

Adult acting classes help introduce new actors while also helping experienced actors to learn new skills.  For the classes we offer, we make a distinction in its description regarding the level of experience actors should have to get the most out of the class.

New classes, once planned and scheduled by the CHT Education Committee, will be announced in all local media as well as announced in the IN THE NEWS section of the main page of this site.  We look forward to seeing you at our classes and on our stage!