The 2017 CHT GREEN ROOM GANG - Two Programs = A Thousand Great Experiences


Summer positions available at Church Hill Theatre

Church Hill Theatre is accepting applications for three paid staff positions for the 2017 Green Room Gang summer program. The theatre requires a Green Room Gang Sr. director and two interns to work with the directors.  Green Room Gang is a summer theatre workshop which consists of two camps. GRG Sr. is a five-week, full day program of theatre instruction for youths entering grades 6—12 that culminates in a fully staged musical for public performance. GRG Jr. is a four week, half day program for youths entering grades 1—5 which also concludes in a fully staged age-appropriate musical production.  Green Room Gang Jr.’s director for 2017 is Becca Van Aken. Both camps are in session Monday through Thursday.  GRG Sr. begins June 19 and ends with performances July 20, 21, 22 & 23; GRG Jr. starts June 26 and culminates with the production on the same dates as GRG Sr.

The GRG Sr. Director will lead the production from concept to performances.  They will be responsible for all aspects of the production including costumes, props, lighting and sound; however, the focus of this job is the instruction of the students and the casting, directing and rehearsing of the show.  Applicants should have extensive formal education and experience in all aspects of theatre, and should be able to work well with young people.  In addition, applicants will be interviewed for the position and would be expected to come prepared to discuss possible shows and their vision for the shows.

The interns will work closely with the Directors of both GRG Jr. and GRG Sr. and will assist in instructional, directing and production aspects of each of the programs. The two intern positions require a HS diploma as well as experience and higher education in theatre.  All applicants will be interviewed for the positions.


For more information and applications for any of these positions, please contact the CHT Executive Manager Nina Sharp at 410-556-6003.  The deadline for applications to be received by CHT is February 24, 2017.